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From: Anthony Dauer (
Date: 29 Apr 2001

I've read two so far and have more in the TBR ... there's nothing more nauseating than a preacher of the obvious. I don't need to be told by someone that child abuse is bad especially not by an observer. As far as politically correct, Burke is the poster child for liberal tripe. He's a victim. Life was hard and it's societies fault. It doesn't sit well or even realistic from a guy who has worked in the prison system ... it's like that scene in Shawshank's Redemption ... what are you in for? I didn't do it. Burke is a scumbag. Casing the house of a client while he watches over her son is not an honorable act and with all the self-righteous bravado to boot. It's like Vachss can't make up his mind whether Burke's supposed to an antihero or a hero. If he thinks he's coming off with some sort of complex character then he's failing cause the contridictions make him unbelievable even as fiction in the end.

But I'll still read his books ... at least for now.

Anthony Dauer
Alexandria, VA

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> On Vachss: his books have disappointed me totally. He > preaches. That's the kiss of death for a work of fiction.
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