RARA-AVIS: Looking for personal reminisces of/interviews with Robert Leslie Bellem

From: Todd Mason ( Todd.Mason@tvguide.com)
Date: 30 Apr 2001

Mike Ashley would like to hear from you if you have personal memories of Bellem or know of accessible interviews...(forwarded with permission) TM

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Does anyone know of any published interview with Bellem? Or of anyone who knew him who's still around? I'd like to contact someone who knew Bellem to get a more personal view on the man.

I'm doing a piece about Bellem for the next CRIME TIME so I'd be interested in any Bellem anecdotes anyone may have. I have plenty of data on him and his work, but I'd like to know more about the man personally -- what he was like, what made him tick.

Many thanks

Mike A.

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