RARA-AVIS: [John] [Ross] Macdonald

From: William Denton ( buff@pobox.com)
Date: 24 Apr 2001

I sent this to another list, but thought I'd mention it here so it's in the archives, in case anyone wonders about when Kenneth Millar first used a pseudonym and how it changed. The archives don't show this as having been mentioned.

I checked this in Bruccoli's ROSS MACDONALD. THE MOVING TARGET (1949) was the first of his books published under a pseudonym (John Macdonald--his father's named was John Macdonald Millar). It wasn't felt to be as good as his earlier books, and he said he was glad it wasn't under his name. Also, Margaret Millar was better known and they didn't want to appear to be cashing in on her name. With THE DROWNING POOL (1950) he became John Ross Maconald after John D. MacDonald complained. In 1956, THE BARBAROUS COAST was published as by Ross Macdonald and he continued with that name.


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