Re: RARA-AVIS: i've been listening (Chandler + Ellroy)

From: Mario Taboada (
Date: 18 Apr 2001

<<Chandler isn't one of my top five favorites, but I admit that he's a great writer, almost poetic,>>

Like, Mozart was, after all and when all is said and done, and after careful consideration and allowances made for some faults that one perhaps shouldn't dwell upon, a pretty good composer. Chandler was dynamite, particularly in his short stories. Indulge me, I have a weak spot for Chandler. When I start thinking that he wasn't *that* good I reread a couple of stories and my faith comes back, intact.

<<and he influenced so many detective writers that even those trying to work against the grain, like Crumley and Ellroy, had to tip their hats to him at one time or another.>>

Crumley has never declared himself against the PI grain. He works those same fields, after all. As to Ellroy, his Brown's Requiem is very close to the PI tradition of Chandler-Ross Macdonald.

Incidentally, the other day, while reading Madrid's newspaper El Paí³ online, I ran into a big story about Ellroy, who was there to present the Spanish translation of his latest novel.

Well, in the interview he did say that he was a genius, in those same exact words -- I don't think the interpreter, if there was one, could have made this up. At first I couldn't believe it but then I did believe it. Ahem.




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