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From: Mark Sullivan (
Date: 12 Apr 2001

Doug recently read:

ACT OF LOVE -- I had heard a lot about this book, also (I now believe it was due to lack of availability at the time). I had gotten the impression that it was a hardboiled classic which "got deep into a psycho killer's head," like Ellroy's Killer on the Road. I finally found a copy. I was greatly disappointed. The plotting seemed stilted as did some of the characterisation. Also, it seemed the killer didn't quite ring right, seemed more driven by plot need than internal compulsion. It was the first Lansdale I read, so it took me a while to try another. I'm very glad I did. I'm now a big fan of Hap and Leonard. I haven't read any of his other crime novels, which are recommended?

DEAD CITY -- I have this, By Reason of Insanity and Rat Pack by Shane Stevens, but haven't read any of them. Do others agree with Doug's reservations about the first? How about the others? Which is the best of these three?

WALK A BLACK WIND -- You know, I've read all of the Dan Fortunes, but I don't really remember the plots, although I remember beign caught up in them at the time. It's the character of Dan Fortune that got me going through this series, in order (although it's not really necessary), at a very steady pace.

FINAL NOTICE -- the early DKAs are more procedural than the later ones, which go deeper and deeper into the various characters and in the case of 32 Cadillacs, at least, a lot of humor. I liked them all, though must admit that Gores got to be a more fluid writer as his career progressed. And I second the endorsement of Gores's story in the first Black Lizard Anthology about the two guys who sign up to witness an execution.

TOLL CALL -- I'm also a big fan of Greenleaf, but agree this one falls apart a little bit near the end, but Greenleaf at his not best is still pretty damn good. How are his non-series books? I haven't read any of those.


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