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From: Mario Taboada (
Date: 09 Apr 2001

<<FINAL NOTICE -- Joe Gores My first in this series. Maybe I caught this on a bad day, but this seemed like a pale imitation of the 87th Precinct books. Does anyone have any suggestions here, too?>>

I don't recall much about this particular book, but I love this series and Gores's work in general. The comparison with McBain had never occurred to me, but certainly there are similarities. Still, I see Gores as a modern Hammett.

<<TOLL CALL -- Stephen Greenleaf Greenleaf is a favorite of mine, one of the few writers who seem to use Ross Macdonald's influence well. Almost done with this, but this is a typically classy, literate, and very believable plot. I like how Greenleaf manages to make his points in these books without too much sermonizing (ala Parker).>>

Oh, yes, this is the one about the weird calls to his secretary. I didn't find it totally successful, but agree with what you say about the author. In fact, I think his plots are better than Macdonald's and the writing just as good. The danger is that Greenleaf can sound too much like the original. His State's Evidence is more Macdonald than Macdonald -- an incredibly contorted series of plot twists, all having to do with the distant past. I guess he got indigested with influences (now, here's another meaning of



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