RARA-AVIS: McGee, MacDonald

From: Dixon H. Chandler II ( dchandler@nettally.com)
Date: 02 Apr 2001

Juri wrote:

>I have had problems with his characters who seem to be eccentric only
>for eccentricity's sake (McGee's partner, whatever his name is, McGee's
>strange and peculiar habits (I just hate his Rolls Royce turned into a
>pick-up)), with his language that is forcedly relaxed and with his
>dialogue that is filled up with long monologues about life, politics and
>none-too-bright wisdom. MacDonald babbles. That's the main problem.

That's funny, those are exactly the qualities I cherish about MacDonald. McGee's babbling about tourism, or the rich, or the raping of Florida--those are the pages I inevitably dog-ear and return to. I agree about the Rolls Royce, which seems contrived, but MacDonald is such a tremendously appealing writer, and so convincing in the way he portrays eccentricities, that I am easily won over. Compare MacDonald's work to Carl Hiassen's (sp?). Now there is a real reliance on the eccentric, in characters and their behavior. I find him totally unappealing, and unlike many, I don't even find his works funny.


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