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From: Schooley (
Date: 29 Mar 2001

George Pelecanos wrote:

> Aside from the
> titles themselves, which suggest a Chandleresque world, I don't think of
> Macdonald as being hardboiled or noir. More often than not the setting is
> miles away from the street, and Archer rarely seems to be in any kind of
> danger. Action fans will be disappointed, too, as not much "happens" in
> these books (with the exception of The Blue Hammer, a later effort which
> involves a woman in distress and some gunplay, if I remember correctly). In
> the end, you read Macdonald because of the beauty and care put forth in the
> writing itself, and his insights into human nature. I agree that the The
> Galton Case is the exemplary Macdonald novel, but you would be hard-pressed
> to find a bad one in the bunch.

But what is noir? A style or a point of view toward human nature?



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