RARA-AVIS: London bookstores

From: michaelschong@canada.com
Date: 28 Mar 2001

As soon as I found out I was going to London, I searched the Rara-Avis archives for information on bookstores. Two came up and I checked them both out.

Murder One on Charing Cross Road.

Many bookstores festoon the area, but Murder One was my destination. The store has a comic book shop feel. I mean that in good way. The used section offered up Four for the Money by Dan J. Marlowe and The Diamond Bikini by Charles Williams. I read the first few pages of Four for the Money. I'm happy with my purchase.

Crime in Store in the Covenant Garden area.

A short walk from Murder One, Crime in Store reminded me a little of the Sleuths of Baker Street in Toronto - a little yuppified. The used area gave up Nineteen Seventy-Four by David Peace and a couple of Crime Time Magazines for a pound each. 1974's back suggests it's like Ellroy doing Yorkshire in the early Seventies. Sounded interesting to me. The Crime Time Magazines which I've never seen before but have read about on the web were extremely readable and informative with articles about Jim Thompson and Edward Bunker.

In the new section, I couldn't help but pick up a bent copy of Jason Starr's Fake ID. It was a bit beat-up so the kind and lovely proprietor took off 1.50 pounds. That's a lot of money in the land of mad cow.


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