Movie talk (was Re: RARA-AVIS: re Memento)

From: William Denton (
Date: 26 Mar 2001

On 26 March 2001, Jay Gertzman wrote:

: As a result of being reprimanded for writing about another film, I do
: not know what the poicy is on Rara Avis regarding noire movies.

The focus of the list is on hardboiled fiction. When people find some hardboiled non-fiction (or photography or poetry or drama), they often mention it, but there isn't much of it out there. Films should be discussed in relation to fiction, usually as a result of being adapted from a written source. Comparing adaptations of THE MALTESE FALCON would be a classic example. Since the focus is on the written word, general talk of film per se, or movies written directly for the sceen, should be avoided. There are other places to discuss film noir in and of its own, and often, from what I've seen, such discussion doesn't relate to source material. Anything that does is perfectly welcome here.

The simple guideline is that the list is for talk about hardboiled fiction and things related. If the relation is tenuous, do a bit of work and make it stronger before sending out the mail.


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