RARA-AVIS: Carroll John Daly

From: Brian Evankovich ( brianevankovich@hotmail.com)
Date: 17 Mar 2001

Hi, gang. I've just sorta-completed a study of some of Carroll John Daly's work. I found some of his stuff very well done, such as the five stories in the "Adventures of Race Williams" collection, which is well worth tracking down. His novels, THE SNARL OF THE BEAST and THE HIDDEN HAND... well, they eminated a strange odor and I was forced to put the books down. I thought THE TAG MURDERS, however, much better and more creative, even though Daly absolutely failed to keep the "Head Tag Killer's" identity a secret.

Anybody have any comments on Daly? I don't think comparisons between him and Hammett and the rest of the "usual suspects" apply, because while Daly was great with action and a fast story, there isn't anything that sticks in your mind after reading his stuff. Unlike, say, RED HARVEST, where I still remember certain parts very vividly. --Brian
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