RARA-AVIS: Sodoms on the Ohio (was: NIGHT OF THE HUNTER)

From: JOHN & CATHIE CELESTRI ( ccpub@worldnet.att.net)
Date: 10 Mar 2001

>> Tobin Fields < drspecter@juno.com> wrote:
>> I do really like NIGHT OF THE
>> HUNTER. It was a special treat to me to learn that in the book, Harry
>> Powell come from my hometown of Louisville, KY.-- which he refers to as
> >"That Sodom on the Ohio!" (-Quotation marks mine.)
> Well, as someone who's lived in Louisville for about 15 years, I have to say
> that I haven't seen all THAT much excitement here. And I thought Lexington
> was the Sodom of the Commonwealth. Shows what I know. 'Cause if it's in a
> book, it must be true.
> -- Duane

I couldn't pass up throwing my two cents in. Neither Louisville nor Lexington (nor any other town in the USA) could hold a candle to the hardboiled (staying on topic) and "sinful" goings on in Newport, Kentucky from the early 1920s through the 1960s. (Here comes the BSP) If you want to see how I back that up, take a visit to my website at: http://www.cathiejohn.com and click on "Where's Little Mexico?"

--John Celestri the male half of Cathie John ccpub@worldnet.att.net http://www.cathiejohn.com

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