From: Duane Spurlock ( duane@emazing.com)
Date: 08 Mar 2001

Tobin Fields < drspecter@juno.com> wrote:

<< Despite Davis Grubb's dogged insistence on not using quotation marks-- an affectation I never quite got used to-- I do really like NIGHT OF THE HUNTER. It was a special treat to me to learn that in the book, Harry Powell come from my hometown of Louisville, KY.-- which he refers to as
"That Sodom on the Ohio!" (-Quotation marks mine.)

Well, as someone who's lived in Louisville for about 15 years, I have to say that I haven't seen all THAT much excitement here. And I thought Lexington was the Sodom of the Commonwealth. Shows what I know. 'Cause if it's in a book, it must be true.

Late novelist Coleman Dowell had a similar view of Louisville. I can't recall in which book he describes a series of decadent Derby-time parties, but it echoes the Derby-party excesses that are depicted in the film of THE HUSTLER.

But seriously, I love Charles Laughton's film. I really have no excuse for not reading this book. I think it's the same hangup I have about not reading TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD -- I like the movie so much, I hesitate mixing it in my mind with the novel.

Why are all these movie references suddenly popping up in my mind?

-- Duane

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