RARA-AVIS: Vernon Warren's "Runaround" (Mark Brandon, PI)

From: Henry Gaskin ( hank_gaskin@hotmail.com)
Date: 06 Mar 2001

Anybody here ever read anything by Vernon Warren? I just finished his 1958 novel "Runaround", featuring his Chicago PI Mark Brandon. The writing is not bad, a little Chandler-esque ("Sleep? Who wanted to sleep, it's for permanent when you're dead, and everyone dies. But eventually.")

It's published by the Thriller Book Club Edition (Gifford), and lists a number of other Mark Brandon mysteries: The Blue Mauritius, Brandon Takes Over, Bullets for Brandon, etc...as well as 4 other Warren mysteries (non-Brandon).

I can't find any references to the PI or the author on the internet? I figured someone here would know. I'd like to know about the author (maybe a pseudonym?) and his other books.




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