RARA-AVIS: Steve Fisher - Robert Edmond Alter

From: Etienne Borgers ( freeweb@rocketmail.com)
Date: 05 Mar 2001

I try to know more about the following writers and works:

1/ Steve Fisher I was told that 2 novels by this writer are interesting, and above average: NO HOUSE LIMIT (1958) BE STILL MY HEART (1960)

He also wrote : Vicky- aka "I wake Up Screaming"- 1941 Which is better known, because of its film adaptations

I anyway do not remember to have read something by this author.

2/ Robert Edmond Alter I bought two novels by this writer published by Black Lizard, because of sales in one bookshop I visited. 1.5 US$ a piece, new, was certainly not a big risk... CARNY KILL SWAMP SISTER

In the same move I got also "Web of Murder" by Whittington- this one I know , of course.

Thanks in advance for any information.

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