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From: cooper (
Date: 28 Feb 2001

> I have been wondering what others thought of I Was Dora Suarez
> I began to read the book in the fall, but put it away at the point where
> pathologist invites the detective to look at Dora's corpse. I found I was
> really not interested in any more horrific details. ...>
> In my view, the violence is not gratuitous. That is, it seems essential to
> story, .... But for me,it was just too much. I did not want any more
graphic nightmare images burned
> into my brain.
> >
> I may try one of his other books some time. Meanwhile, I Was Dora Suarez
is in
> a box to go back to the second-hand bookstore.
While agreeing about the violence, both its graphic nature and in how it is central to the plot, I'm sorry that you dumped the book because of it. I'm sure we have talked about it, it was even a book of rhe month, and opinion was split, i was definitely a "for", it was a random search for Derek Raymond that brought me here, and Dora is one of my, well, favourite is not the right word, but one of the books that made an impact on me and my reading choices since I read it. It's just so melancholy and tragic, which is characteristic of his books, in fact although I had no problems with Dora, I couldn't finish How The Dead Live, because it is just so bleak. But please, don't let me put you off, Derek Raymond was imho one of the , if not the outstanding British crime writer of the last 20ish years. And don't sell Dora, give her another go. Jane

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