RARA-AVIS: Good Cop, Bad Cop

From: Kevin Burton Smith ( kvnsmith@colba.net)
Date: 15 Feb 2001

James wrote:

>One thing about the Shell Scott books that's a little unusual for PI books
>from the Fifties and Sixties -- Shell gets along really well with the LA
>police, and they usually wind up doing some of his work for him. Homicide
>Captain Phil Samson is Will Gentry to Shell's Mike Shayne, but there's no
>Peter Painter, no police nemesis for Shell. At least not that I remember.

And on the flip side, has there ever been as vile a police nemesis as McGregor in John Lutz' Carver books? Of course, all of Ellroy's LAPD is more or less vile, and Irvine (Trainspotting) Welsh hits new depths with his wormy copper in FILTH, but there's something
"special" about McGregor, perhaps because he just keeps coming back, more disgusting and corrupt each time. Are there any other recurring police characters whose badge doesn't exactly shine with honour?

Which reminds me (speaking of cops in general, not bad cops specifically), our old pal (and federal cop) Jim Doherty has a story in this month's BLUE MURDER.


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