Re: RARA-AVIS: Queries from a new boy

Date: 12 Feb 2001

I like KS's reply. Let me add to it:

In California, Wealth was (is?) more on display, openly and arrogantly, at the very time it was starting to hide behind walls, long driveways, and trees in the East. Heck with the low tree lines in parts of Calif., it's just harder to hide your mansion, espec. if you've bought the top of a big hill.

Always figured that California as a dream, the paradise you move to, especially in the Depression, and where you find a hard reality (Hoovervilles, Watts), created a natural foundation of disillusionment necessary for noir.

And those who came (come?) tended to be people on the make.

Or, how about this: the seedy is more seedy in eternal sunlight.

Finally, much as we like to think fiction influences what movies show, couldn't this be a case of B movies influencing where fiction is set? Or perhaps a case of following the lead of major crime writers, some of whom were themselves looking for movie deals?

Why do I have the feeling that I just went around in a circle?

Bill Hagen

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