RARA-AVIS: Howard Browne

From: Mark Sullivan ( DJ-Anonyme@webtv.net)
Date: 09 Feb 2001

I picked up Browne's Incredible Ink today. Judging by the snippets I've read, I'm really looking forward to reading his brief memoirs -- he doesn't hold back when it comes to his fellow writers -- for instance, he really hated Frank Gruber; amusing meeting with Chandler.

Anyway, the bibliography lists several books I know nothing about. Has anyone read these? Any opinions? Are any hardboiled?

Murder Wears a Halo

If You Have Tears (AKA Weep Not Fair Lady, AKA Lona) -- under the John Evans name. He describes this as his James M. Cain book. That sounds intriguing, especially considering how well he did Chander.

Carbon Copy Killer/Twelve Times Zero -- Supposed to be Sci-Fi hardboiled?

Scotch on the Rocks


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