RARA-AVIS: Five Star/Lewin

From: MatCoward@aol.com
Date: 05 Feb 2001

Apologies if this is a repeat - some of my messages the last few days don't seem to have been reaching escape velocity from AOL ...

Someone asked about my book with 5 Star - for which interest, many thanks! Yes, my first nov was published by Five Star in 2000, with the second in the series due out later this year, but since the series isn't hardboiled, I'll say no more here. The same publishers will be doing my first short story collection in 2002, with an intro by Ian Rankin, which includes several HB stories.

Mike Lewin has lived in Somerset, in south west Britain, since the early 70s. His most recent series is a more softboiled (and very very funny) one about a family of British-Italian PIs, set in Bath. But that doesn't mean that he has finished with his earlier series, as I understand it. "Cutting Loose" mentioned here the other day, is marketed as a YA, but all the adults I know who've read it found it a wonderful and very unusual book.
- Mat C.
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