RARA-AVIS: New boy & William Ard

From: Bill Crider ( abc@wt.net)
Date: 04 Feb 2001

Richard Coomber: I enjoy the Spenser novels, too, and read each one as it appears. They might not be hardboiled, but I like Parker's style.

Richard Moore: I can't answer your question about William Ard. Here's why.
 I went to that same talk on Ard that you attended. Was that in Milwaukee?
 Wherever it was, that talk is still remembered by many who heard it, and for the same reason that you recall it. At the Bouchercon last fall, Hal Rice and I were both still complaining that after hearing Nevins rave about the wonderfulness of HELL IS A CITY, we went out and found it. And both of us disliked it. I could hardly finish it. So I never read anything else by Ard. I have several of the Timothy Dane books, though I've never looked inside them.

Bill Crider

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