RARA-AVIS: Domenic Stansberry

From: T.Kent Morgan ( tkmorgan@escape.ca)
Date: 04 Feb 2001

I was at the Winnipeg Library yesterday hoping to find books (on sale for
$2.00 a bag) by some of the more obscure authors mentioned on the list, but had no luck. That doesn't mean I didn't leave with a large bag full of books. On my way out I spotted Manifesto for the Dead by Domenic Stansberry on the New Arrivals counter. Anyone read this? The main character is Jim Thompson at the end of his career and the book is described as follows:
"An intricate blend of biography, fiction and suspense, this literary thriller offers a hair-raising portrait of one of crime fiction's most notorious true-life figures."

I read Stansberry's baseball mystery, The Spoiler, many years ago and, if memory serves, enjoyed it. However, couldn't get into his Edgar nominee, The Last Days of Il Duce.

Kent Morgan

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