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Have you (anybody) read both versions of the book ? I'm curious as to whether DELIVER will have a significant difference to the earlier publication.. (though I think Don Herron made close comparisons in his memoir)

Now thinking back, one thing about WHIP HAND is that it seemed 'hollow' - I didn't get the feeling there was something to be found in between the lines as there was in every other book I've read by him. For lack of a good term, it wasn't a 'conscious' book. I think that has always been one of the pleasures in his stuff, the feeling of the author looking back at you from the pages with a crooked smile.

BLACK MASS seems to be somewhat elusive a title; haven't had the chance of reading it yet. For whatever bizarre reason I imagine it having a kinship to Robert Duvall's film THE APOSTLE. --Juha.

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Yes, the heavy is named Junior, and there's lots of gaberdine in it, a fabric which appears often in Charles's books, and which derives from the old German word for pilgrimage. It hadn't occured that gaberdine might be carrying some of that context until I read The Black Mass of Brother Springer. A matter for the academics. I can tell almost certainly which chapters were written by W. Franklin Sanders and which by Charles, with the exception of the one in which the prostitute is speaking. Think he wrote or rewrote the violent scenes because they are brief and somewhat reportorial. Betsy

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