Re: RARA-AVIS: Whip Hand

Date: 31 Jan 2001

Yes, the heavy is named Junior, and there's lots of gaberdine in it, a fabric which appears often in Charles's books, and which derives from the old German word for pilgrimage. It hadn't occured that gaberdine might be carrying some of that context until I read The Black Mass of Brother Springer. A matter for the academics. I can tell almost certainly which chapters were written by W. Franklin Sanders and which by Charles, with the exception of the one in which the prostitute is speaking. Think he wrote or rewrote the violent scenes because they are brief and somewhat reportorial. Betsy In a message dated 1/31/01 11:44:19 AM, writes:

<< I read it in the fall of '99 and liked it but it probably is my least

favorite CW

novel. It had some interesting parallels to Miami Blues (bad guy called

Junior, and

other bits and pieces I forget) and it is fascinating if you consider it as

a part of

the whole body of work. On its own I don't think it captured the perfect

balance/mixture/whatnot his later work did (including early novels such as


PRIEST, WOMAN CHASER, WILD WIVES etc) and as a result it was a bit of a

disappointment. Of course it could well be that the crudeness of the book


due to various hands between him and the published version.


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