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Date: 30 Jan 2001

Best guess is in '52 he and another noncom met at a writing class at Marin Jr. College, collaborated, alternate-chapter and rewrite style, on a book they called "Deliver Me from Dallas." The LA cop is a mild precursor of the narrators of "High Priest..." and "The Woman Chaser," the trio from Oklahoma in the chapters I assume W. Franklin
("Sandy") Sanders wrote derive from Al Capp, with a soupcan, as they say in French, of Jim Thompson. They sent the ms. off, it was rejected, Charles headed to a new assignment in Santa Barbara and lost touch with Sanders. In 1961, Fawcett published "Whip Hand" under Franklin Sanders' byline. It is the only book, to my knowledge, published under his name. Charles didn't know about it. Somehwhere on the Dennis & Maura website you might find the piece Jesse ("The Rock Critic Murders") Sublett wrote for the Austin Chronicle about the book's history. Or you can try Dennis McMillan is bringing out a an edition of the original ms. submitted by the two men, together with an intro by Jesse Sublett and a letter from Sanders to Charles, written in June, 1952, when he mailed the ms. to an editor named Jim Bishop; some of you might know which publishing house he worked for. I don't. A critic might say that the book has elements of zany caper and of hard-boiled novel. I'd be curious to know what those of you who have read it think. Betsy

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<< The second question is about the 1961 Gold Medal novel WHIP HAND by W. Franklin Sanders. From Don Herron's book WILLEFORD and another article I found just tonight, it seems this was a collaboration that was published without Willeford's knowledge and certainly without any byline credit. In fact, he died before the connection was made between the novel and an unpublished manuscript by Willeford and Sanders. Herron believes he never knew of the novel's publication.

Is that true Betsy? What's the background on WHIP HAND? >>

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