RARA-AVIS: Questions on two Willeford books

From: Moorich2@aol.com
Date: 29 Jan 2001

As we wrap up Charles Willeford month, I have two questions. And forgive me if these have been covered and I missed that day's digest. I don't think I have but with all my travel, anything is possible.

Are there plans to reprint OFF THE WALL, or is there some reason why that is impossible or at least unlikely?

The second question is about the 1961 Gold Medal novel WHIP HAND by W. Franklin Sanders. From Don Herron's book WILLEFORD and another article I found just tonight, it seems this was a collaboration that was published without Willeford's knowledge and certainly without any byline credit. In fact, he died before the connection was made between the novel and an unpublished manuscript by Willeford and Sanders. Herron believes he never knew of the novel's publication.

Is that true Betsy? What's the background on WHIP HAND?

Richard Moore

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