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From: Mbdlevin@aol.com
Date: 26 Jan 2001

Bill Denton writes:

<< How did they handle the
 movie Hudson makes, THE MAN WHO GOT AWAY? Was much of it shown? How was
 Chet Wilson, the actor who plays the truck driver? >>

Not a whole lot of the film is shown, but just enough. For instance, there is no scene where the truck smashes into the piled up wrecks, but we see the aftermath in bits and pieces. We also see the scene where Richard describes how they got the expressions of the extras as they viewed the burning body
(by filming them watching a strip-tease act). There is a great scene where Leo and Richard are watching the edited film and Leo is overwhelmed and says to Richard something like, "It's not just angry, it's bitter. Why are you so depressed?" Richard says, "I'm not depressed. Hell, I'm the happiest man in the world." Someone mentioned the scene where Richard is directing the little girl running across a field with her dog. It's shot in slow motion, with a bunch of long dissolves (right term?)--very stylized, backed with some Cal Tjader music. Probably my favorite scene in the movie. Doug

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