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Date: 25 Jan 2001

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<< I stopped half-way through and picked up THE WOMAN CHASER (1960) , which I'd first read about six years ago and had mostly forgotten.........

The movie is available for rent, at the Hollywood Video stores, and wil be on Showtime at some later date, then the Independent Film Channel. Comparing apples & mangoes I know, but it's the best of the three film adaptations of Charles's books. What made the book hard for me to read was the way Charles used one medium to comment on another, the film-script material Bill refers to. The director and producer of the movie used the material effectively by using it sparely. Chet Wilson was terrific, crooked smile and all, and the movie within a movie sequences were extremely well done. The punch in Laura's belly, the scene that Bill quoted, got the movie in trouble from the start. The start was the New York Film Festival a year ago October, the first public screening. Distributors and critics were much put off by that scene. The current version omits it, but the commercial damage was done and "The Woman Chaser" remains a minor motion picture in terms of press and buzz and that everpresent bottom line. European distributors are considering it now, but say that European audiences think a movie titled "The Woman Chaser" will be assumed to be tits & ass--am I allowed to say that in this rarified atmosphere? So the producer is thinking of changing the title to "The Director," which was Charles's original title for the book. Betsy

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