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Date: 16 Jan 2001

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<< It made me think of the Hiaasen book where the villain winds up carrying a dead fish that that swallowed much of his arm. I know both Willeford and Hiaasen worked for the Miami Herald. Were they friendly enough that Willeford helped Hiaasen in his first few books? Mark >>

No, it's something in the water here in South Florida. Carl's first two books were co-written with William Montalbano, another reporter, and were international intrigue or something.
 Then Carl found his own voice, the voice of a relatively young native Floridian outraged at the changes that had taken place here in his lifetime and the political cynicism that makes the yellow bulldozer the state bird of Florida. There's a hint of latter-day John D. MacDonald in his outlook. Charles and Carl met only once, to my knowledge, although safe to say they had great respect for one another. Charles thought from the first that Carl's humor was way over the top and at the same time that quality would bring him considerable success. The University of Florida Presses or the Universities of Florida Press has published a collection of Carl's columns, under the fitting title "Kick Ass." And Carl's nonfiction book "Team Rodent" about the life and times of Disneyworld combines his journalistic skill and his gift for antic descriptions. It's gratifying to see his commercial success, but speaking as a Floridian, I believe his signal contribution continues to be his journalism. Betsy

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