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From: Mark Blumenthal (
Date: 15 Jan 2001

Bill Dento wrote,
-> Is anyone else reading the Hoke Moseley books for Willeford month? I just
> finished SIDESWIPE, the third, some of which is lifted from NO EXPERIENCE
> NECESSARY (1962)

Oddly enough, I've been reading the Hokes and just finished SWIPE tonight also. Until the last forty pages the book could almost be a straight comic novel. about Hoke dealing with his midlife crisis and the people he encounters. Louden's explanations to Pop are hilarious. There are so many good passages I'd have to quote a quarter of the book.

I read COCKFIGHTER and BURNT ORANGE HERESY a couple of years ago. If they were films they would be independents. MIAMI BLUES would be major studio. Afterwards the series becomes more idiosyncratic and interesting. Hoke is not your normal cop -protagonist.

A couple of things-- People asked about HEIDI. The incident that propels much of the plot is a young girl French kissing a man old enough to be her grandfater. Could there be a connection? Also, MIAMI BLUES with its villian subjected to wierd injuries. It made me think of the Hiaasen book where the villain winds up carrying a dead fish that that swallowed much of his arm. I know both Willeford and Hiaasen worked for the Miami Herald. Were they friendly enough that Willeford helped Hiaasen in his first few books? Mark

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