From: Charles Shafer ( cshafer@chipsnet.com)
Date: 12 Jan 2001

A bit more about Douglas Winter's Run. This man took so many chances, and got away with it. I mean, most writers, especially those who have never been published, will keep to the norm in order to attract a publisher. Can't blame them. Winter doesn't even use quotation marks for his dialogue. So many must have told him he had to change that, yet he hung in there. By the way, it does make the read a bit difficult at times, but the writing is so great, you just don't care.

One other little thing caught my eye. The entire novel is written in great street lingo, ala Elmore Leonard, then all of a sudden on page 51 Winter's main character uses the word, lebensraum, to describe how black gangs worry about control of their neighborhoods. Huh? What street thug is going to think up such a word? I'd be willing to bet most Harvard grads would have to look it up.

Wouldn't it be interesting to ask Winter why he did that?

Charlie Taylorville, IL

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