RE: RARA-AVIS: re "Traffic"

Date: 08 Jan 2001

> Call me a cynic if you will.
Wouldn't dream of it, Anthony; you are an old sweetie.

After long and anonymous conversation with a detective sergeant in London CID in a supermarket queue last week, I have reason to accept that some policemen, even in nice old MissMarpleland, are involved in drugs dealing, just as I can imagine why an American nasty might wish to avoid the consequences of his actions by incriminating members of the CIA, an organisation which is not without its bad apples. (Why, Mulder and Scully told me so, of course.) Can anybody suggest a good contemporary hb which pits a PI against the CIA? Or is that realistically inconceivable?

Traffic opens here on the 26th; early publicity makes it sound interesting, and of course the director has done a lot of good work in the past -- wouldn't miss it.

Marianne Macdonald

ps Now, Dilbert is someone whose every word I believe. At least there is someone in this crazy old world who is always Right. Deo gratia. Dilbert may well be off-topic.

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