RARA-AVIS: Admin: List now four years old!

From: William Denton ( buff@pobox.com)
Date: 07 Jan 2001


RARA-AVIS was first announced on 7 January 1997, so today is the list's fourth birthday and we're heading into the fifth year of the oldest and best place on the Internet to talk about hardboiled and noir fiction. Now that there's a search engine that makes it easy to search the archives, we've got the biggest collection of fact and opinion about hardboiled writing anywhere on the Internet. (I often hear from people who find out about the list after searching for information about an obscure writer and finding something from the archives. It's happened to me a couple of times, too.)

Thanks to all the people who post to the list, present and past. Lurkers: remember you can speak up at any time, even if you haven't said a word since you joined years ago.


A glance through the subscription list shows members from Canada, the UK, the US, Denmark, New Zealand, Japan, the Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Spain, Italy, France, Australia and Germany, and I know there are some others hidden behind a .com or .net address.

How many subscribers are there?

Subscribers Date
-------------------- Jan 1998 163 Jul 1998 196 Jan 1999 237 Jul 1999 272 Jan 2000 288 Jan 2001 312


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You can always mail me off-list if you have any questions or commnts.



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