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From: Anthony Dauer (
Date: 07 Jan 2001

Trailers are designed for us to judge it with the goal that we'll do so favorably. But I haven't made any decision on what the film is, I haven't seen it ... the trailer on the other hand depicts a stereotypical liberal Hollywood pro-drug propaganda ... as well as the interviews with the stars I've seen and the critiques I've read. But of course in full viewing it may go beyond all of that and be something worthwhile. Hell, even as stereotypical liberal Hollywood pro-drug propaganda it could still be an entertaining movie. It definitely has a noirish look to it, but with all the bad guys I doubt it has anything hardboiled to it. I don't buy into all that honor among things and the noble criminal bullshit ... the code that a HB character lives by is inherently good in a universal sense.

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well, check out the movie first before you judge it.
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