RARA-AVIS: Benicio Del Toro

From: Peter Davis ( yourflesh@worldnet.att.net)
Date: 07 Jan 2001

The guy's got acting chops to be sure. Good in everything he's cast in. Usual Suspects, Basquiat, etc. Hell, he's even a redeemable commodity in bad movies like that travesty he co-starred alongside Alicia Silverstone too. Then again, Christopher Walken, also in the same tanker, was good in that one too... but what else is new?


> Date: Sat, 6 Jan 2001 23:17:22 -0500
> From: Kevin Burton Smith < kvnsmith@colba.net>
> Subject: RARA-AVIS: Traffic
> See it. I just did, and it's an awesome slab of a movie, sort of like
> war footage from various fronts. The questions are hardboiled, the
> answers noir.
> And this kid Benicio Del Toro? Watch him.
> I mean, in the span of a year and change, he's in WAY OF THE GUN,
> TRAFFIC, SNATCH and Sean Penn's upcoming THE PLEDGE with Jack
> Nicholson? He must be on to something.
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