Re: RARA-AVIS: Willeford and Thompson and what's for dinner

From: Maura McMillan (
Date: 01 Jan 2001

Willeford does a much better job describing food. I don't recall wanting to eat anything while reading Thompson, but Willeford always makes me want to whatever his character is having. Just the other day I read in Deliver Me From Dallas -- oh no wait that's a spoiler it's not out yet -- no wait that's a sales pitch, Dennis is publishing it in the spring -- no wait -- the point was that one of the characters, who is, like Thompson, and unlike Willeford, from Oklahoma, fixed himself a sandwich (under circumstances where most people wouldn't eat) and although i was not in least bit hungry, i wanted a bite of the guy's sandwich:

I looked in the icebox an' made me a lairpin' good sandwich outta some baloney an' onions an' tomaters. I washed it down with a pitcher o' milk that was good an' cold. I made me two more o' them sandwiches an' taken 'em up to my lookin'-out window, an' set 'em handy on the window sill. I set down in a chair an' started waitin' an' watchin'.

Thompson's characters do a lot of drinking and smoking, but little eating.

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