RARA-AVIS: OT: Pronzini books

From: southpaw@altavista.net
Date: 28 Dec 2000

I know that Bill Pronzini's writings often are on-topic here, but I have a quick question about some Western-oriented books he's edited. (I've started getting into Westerns via HBish western novels.) Reply by mail if you prefer.

A local bookstore has the following books on sale for $3-$5 apiece and I was wondering if they were any good. The books, written, edited or co-edited by Pronzini, are

1)The Best Western Stories of Bill Pronzini, 2) One Ride Too Many & Other Action-Packed Stories of the Wild West, 3) The Best Western Stories of Les Savage, 4) The Best Western Stories of Ryerson Johnson, 5) Six-Gun Bride of the Teton Bunch & 7 Other Action-Packed Stories of the Wild West.

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