RARA-AVIS: Re: Behm's Eye Of The Beholder

From: Paul Hartshorne ( paul@day1.demon.co.uk)
Date: 22 Dec 2000

Eye Of The Beholder is one of my favourite novels, although, strangely enough, my opinion may have been influenced, for once, by seeing the film version before reading the book.

The film was a French production from the early '80's (I saw it about 15 years ago) starring the always excellent Philippe Noiret, and Isabel Adjani. It's surprisingly faithful to the novel, and packs a real emotional punch.

- Paul

Etienne Borgers wrote:
>Marc Behm's 'The Eye of the Beholder'
>I can understand your surprise by reading Behm, an
>author with a corpus of works that cannot be
>classified. Most of it can be best described as:
>surreal Noir or even as fantastic Noir (close to
>Maybe you overlooked (or were not interested by) the
>intentions of 'Eye...' and was expecting some kind of
>mainstream crime/HB novel, that Eye is not, all
>converging to your disappointment.
>I will not disclose details (to protect future
>readers) but we have to keep in mind that 'Eye..' is a
>kind of allegory close to the initiatory cycles found
>in ancient lit ... could even be regarded as a modern
>philosophical "conte" (tale).
>But it's obvious that even if you deciphered it, the
>novel could still not be your cup of tea.
>Marc Behm is one of these authors belonging to the
>uncharted territories of Noir/HB.

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