RARA-AVIS: film noir on the cheap

From: BaxDeal@aol.com
Date: 20 Dec 2000

the movie made from my original screenplay SECOND SKIN premieres on HBO this friday night at 9:30 pm Pacific Standard Time. check your local listings.

script was originally written 10 years ago, passed thru many directors' and producers' hands and many rewrites. finally, the current filmmakers went back to my original first draft and I did a production rewrite off of that. the vagarities of modern movie making.

story concerns a guy who owns a used bookstore in a small California beach town, and a woman who walks in looking to start a new life. from there the plot starts twisting and doesn't stop till the final shoe drops. movie may be a little slow in the first 10 minutes and might have one plot twist too many, but unlike some modern noirs, at least it was made by people who care about the genre. it's a moody piece of work, very dark with some terrific performances, especially by the bad guys.

picture was shot in Cape Town, South Africa, which stood in for Northern California and downtown Cleveland, Ohio... remarkably well I might add. Natasha Henstridge and Angus MacFadyen do nice work in the two leads. newcomer Liam Waite steals the picture. Peter Fonda does an especially creepy turn as Merv Gutman, the head of the Tanners Union.

hope those of you who bother to take a look enjoy it. feel free to voice a negative opinion. that's how I learn. and I've developed a very thick skin working in Hollywood.

John Lau

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