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From: Anthony Dauer (
Date: 18 Dec 2000

In my heart of hearts I know that truth tends to be stranger than fiction. The average DC drive-by may be boring, but Susan Smith drowning her babies has potential as well as a woman who wanted to be murdered as part of her sexual fantasies and found a guy to do it. The murder for hire here that involved the how-to book. John Douglas's books are filled with interesting murders. Just because they're related (as in Hammett's "A Man Called Spade"), insane, accidents, or all of the above they are necessarily going to be boring. The author themselves may be boring, but realism was never literal to begin with.

Anthony Dauer

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> Look, guys, in your heart of hearts you know perfectly well that: > -most violent killings are nasty, unmysterious and uninteresting, and > done by killers whose motive and identity is boringly obvious, largely > either because > ----they are closely related to the victims, > ----or it was a kind of accident related to another crime, > ----or they are in some way insane, > ----or several of the above.
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