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Date: 16 Dec 2000

You don't even have to go that far ... take your typical single mother. Okay, maybe not typical but mine anyway. Stands about 5'4" ... after a decade of no where restaurant jobs (which climaxed with a pipe bomb under car after she got the other waitresses organized into a union) she moved to Texas and became a truck driver. She hauled drill bits and pipe to and from oil drilling sites for the next decade establishing her own business. Carried a .38 in her purse and a nickel-plated sawed-off 12 gauge shotgun beyond the driver's seat. While doesn't curse like a sailor (I being the sailor, that's my department) ... she can drink a lot of hard drinking men under the table or could. Pool (billiards for you delicate types) bar champ in Michigan for awhile. Now she drives across country buying antiques, fixin' em up, and resellin' them at a profit. Pretty much by herself ... although the shotgun is probably still behind her driver's seat.

When the real thing has raised ya, it's easy to see where the authors fall short.

Anthony Dauer

Hard-boiled Noir
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Well, of course there are a lot of HB women in real life.....try talking to a whore or ex-whore sometime.
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