RARA-AVIS: chicks with dicks

From: BaxDeal@aol.com
Date: 15 Dec 2000

>In fact, the early Susan Silverman might have been one of the
>spiritual sparks for the horde of female eyes that came swooping down
>upon us in the late seventies and early eighties. Of course, the old
>school boys also felt threatened by that. So blame Parker for that,

They're not private eyes, but I've noticed that a handful of my favorite L.A. writers have recently done books with hard-boiled female protagonists. Crais' DEMOLITION ANGEL features a bomb squad detective who's definitely damaged goods. Likewise T. Jefferson Parker's THE BLUE HOUR and RED LIGHT's Orange County Sheriff's dick is a piece of work. Finally Michael Connelly's VOID MOON's cat burglar is a pretty fucked up chick. Also interesting to note is that Crais' and Connelly's works are departures from their usual series detectives. While this is the first time Jeff Parker's used the same character twice. For him, this is a series.

John Lau

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