RARA-AVIS: RE: Jeremiah Healey and Bullitt

From: Dick Lochte ( dlock@ix.netcom.com)
Date: 15 Dec 2000

In the discussion of Robert Parker, somebody referred to Jeremiah Healey's books as crummy, or a word to that effect. The implication was that Healey's books were Parker knock-offs. I don't see it. The authors may both call Boston home, but the similarity ends there. Healey's sleuth is less physical and considerably less of a wiseguy than Spenser. He works alone; no sociopathic sidekick needed. There's not much food talk. His lady friends are all dead. And the novels are extremely well-plotted, filled with detection and intelligent interrogations. If there's any literary influence, it seems to come from Stephen Greenleaf. What's not to like?

Regarding the comments about "Bullitt," it's hard to believe somebody was counting hubcaps and studying the Mustang's gear shift while one of the great movie chases was going on, but I suppose this is one more bit of evidence that we're living in an MBA world.

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