Re: Re: RARA-AVIS: Spenser.

Date: 14 Dec 2000 wrote:

> Also surely it's not an either/or to criticise Spenser for being at
> heart a Marlowe clone and also to deplore the way Parker self-
> consciously tries to get out of this trap by simultaneously being
> talkier than Chandler - the ghastly Susan stuff - and dumber than
> Chandler ever dreamt of being - the sub James Bond stuff in
> Catskill Eagle et al.

So which is it? If he's at heart a Marlowe clone, why is he so talky and dumb? And if he's really talky and dumb, how can he be a Marlowe clone?

Look, you can criticize him for being talky and dumb all you like. I don't agree with that assessment, but you're entitled to your opinion. But you're trying to have your cake and eat with your mouth open while talking out of both sides of your mouth (I had to do something with the cliche, didn't I?). If he's talky and dumb, then he's not really a Marlowe clone, is he? How do you define being "at heart a Marlowe clone"? And why is it so damning of Parker to try to make his character not be a Marlowe clone by being talky and not-so-bright? It's one thing to say that Parker does this unsuccessfully, but why is the attempt itself so bad?


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