Re: RARA-AVIS: Re: Howard Browne

From: Juri Nummelin (
Date: 12 Dec 2000

Kevin Burton Smith wrote:

> I wrote:
> >empty mimicking that weakens Chandler's later admirerers, like
> >Robert Parker.
> Empty mimicking? Spenser may be a lot of things, but being a pale
> imitiation of Marlowe isn't one of them.

Well, that's what I thought when I read the one and only Spenser in my life. Can't remember the title of it now. I know some people like his books, but I found it only pretentious. Spenser babbles about his morals, doesn't act them out. And for some reason, I don't care to read about making food in books that don't concern making food. (John Lancaster's "A Debt of Pleasure" was just about that and therefore I liked it - not the ending, though.)

I'm the first one to say that my knowledge of the Spenser novels is limited, but the first contact with them was so discouraging, I didn't want to explore further. And I must add that I threw Parker in, because I couldn't at the time of writing remember any other writer. I have the same feeling of many eighties hardboiled writers: that they are empty mimickers of Chandler.


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