RE: RARA-AVIS: Seicho Matsumoto

From: Forstater, Mathew (
Date: 11 Dec 2000

>Has anyone read the novels of Seicho Matsumoto?

I just happen to be in the middle of _Points and Lines_. I like it a lot, although my impression (not being an expert on such matters) is that the translation is a little weak (awkward sentences in some places).

I stumbled onto it after reading and enjoying Miyuki Miyabe's _All She Was Worth_, in which a Japanese detective (and single father) recuperating from a gunshot wound searches for his nephew's missing fiance. This book is also a very interesting exploration of consumer debt and personal bankruptcy in modern Japan (with similarities with current U.S. situation).

  I was trying to find another book by Miyabe and saw Matsumoto's book. I noticed on the back of one of the books that there is also a collection of short story detective mysteries by Matsumoto available in English. Also, if I recall correctly, Matsumoto was born in or around 1908? Either he was older when Points and Lines was written or it has a very contemporary feel to it.

After having been addicted to the Old School books series and not knowing where I was going to go from there (although I went through around four of Donald Goines' books published by Holloway House in the meantime), I am now looking for recommendations for anything hard-boiled/noir by Japanese (or Chinese or Asian) authors or taking place in Asia.


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