RARA-AVIS: HB questions

From: Chris Bahn ( Chris_Bahn@citysearch.com)
Date: 06 Dec 2000

First, let me say I enjoyed reading what you all had to say during Stark month. I never actually got off my duff and posted anything, but I enjoyed lurking.

I read Lawrence Block's "Eight Million Ways to Die" last week and quite liked it - any suggestions for further Blocks?

Now a question slightly off-topic but I hope not horribly so: I rented John Huston's "The Asphalt Jungle" last night - wonderful film so far, though I haven't yet seen the last half-hour - and was mildly shocked to hear one of the characters casually use what sounds like the f-word. I wouldn't even notice the word in a more recent film, but for a movie made in 1950 that's pretty wild. My wife and I rewound the tape six times to be sure, but she mumbles the line; can anyone confirm this? It's about 47 minutes in, during a conversation between corrupt money-man Louis Calhern and his invalid wife Dorothy Tree, who complains to the effect that "I can't stand this f***ing house anymore."

This also made me wonder, what was the first movie to bring profanity to the big screen? This is probably way off-topic, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was a crime film.

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