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Date: 06 Dec 2000

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> It sounds like it was a really solid magazine, with lots of good stories.
> I looked around some of the fictionmags magazine lists and found a few
> content listings of some later MSMMs:
> and
> The first page links to content listings for January - Setpember 1980, and
> all the novellas are by you. Lots of other familiar names listed too. The
> second page covers all the issues from then to 1985.

These lists are pretty good. I hadn't looked at them before. Thanks. As you can see, Fritch liked to use stories by writers who are better known for horror than mysteries, such as Richard Laymon and Dennis Etchison. Joe Lansdale published quite a bit in MSMM, too. A guy named William Fieldhouse wrote a good series about an Army CID investigator in what was then West Germany. I enjoyed those stories a lot. Fieldhouse went on to do a few pretty good Westerns and then a ton of house-name men's adventure stuff.

> : While I was writing Shaynes I was also corresponding with Mike
> : Avallone and Dennis Lynds ...
> What sort of stuff would you discuss? How work was going and where you
> were selling, that sort of thing?

Yeah, just the usual stuff. Lots of bitching about the state of the business, which writers always do no matter how things are going. Lynds gave me some great advice: "All your dreams do come true, it just takes about ten years longer than you think it should."

> It's great hearing you talk about your work at MSMM.

I appreciate the opportunity.

> By the way, I just got some e-mail from an Italian who's writing a thesis
> on "the double" in Lynds' work and wondered if I knew of any books about
> him or had his e-mail address. I said I didn't, but now I remember that
> his wife, a successful writer, has a web site up. Does anyone remember
> the URL?

There's an e-mail link for Gayle on the site. I'm sure she could put the Italian guy in touch with Dennis.

Best, James

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