RARA-AVIS: knighthood?

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Date: 29 Nov 2000

the knight image is throughout FAREWELL, MY LOVELY. in that instance it's specifically arthurian, with the search for the character named grayle/grail, and the boatman (red) guiding marlowe closer to the truth, etc. maybe someone who has read it (or the arthur legend) more recently than i can offer more specifics.

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> I recall the famous stain
> glass window
> that Marlowe sees in the beginning of The Big Sleep, when he says
> he'd like to
> climb up and help the knight untie the naked lady. Don't remember
> that thinks of
> hiimself as the lone knight very often however (?)...
> Found myself wondering...What other series' detectives compare
> themselves to
> knights in a romance, suggesting something like a high chivalric
> code motivates
> them?
> Bill Hagen
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