RARA-AVIS: Re: Ed McBain/Evan Hunter

From: Kevin Burton Smith ( kvnsmith@colba.net)
Date: 27 Nov 2000

Juri wrote:

>Now, what's this? I clearly remember writing an answer to this, but it's
>vanished in the byte space. I tried to say that I thought that Hunter is
>now his real name, he has changed it legally.

Hmmm....my original message was all screwed up, too. Maybe I got hold of some bad bytes. Or Juri and I are having simultaneous senior moments. My message should have read:

>And both (Ed McBain and Evan Hunter) are actually pen names, in
>fact. McBain/Hunter's real name is Salvatore Lombino, though the way
>things are going, that'll probably turn out to be a pseudonym of
>Westlake's, or maybe Bill Pronzini or Lawrence Block...

Probably Michael Shayne was the most used pseudonym, but I wonder which HB writer used the most pseudonyms?


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